About us

Welcome to the 80’s Picture House! We are a podcast that talks about movies and music from the 1980’s. In our regular format show, we talk about a specific movie and album, have some general chit-chat about the 1980’s, a quiz (which you can join in too if you wish) and we have a ‘Hall Of Fame‘ segment (time permitting) where we award something 1980’s our prestigious award.

We also have our ‘In Conversation With‘ shows where we chat with 1980’s actors, musicians, directors, special make-up effects people etc., the list goes on! We also have a third format show which is called ‘Looking Back At’, and we have cover subjects including music videos, hair metal, and wrestling.

We hope that you enjoy looking around our site, and hopefully you’ll dip into our shows too, there really is something for everyone!

Meet your hosts of the show:


DaveHi, I’m Dave. I was 14 when the 1980’s began, and all my main movie and musical likes are from that decade.

Rock is my favourite musical genre, especially KISS, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, W.A.S.P. etc. As far as movies are concerned I’m a huge Sly Stallone fan, closely followed by Clint Eastwood, though I do have a fetish for ultra low budget action movies.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I hope you enjoy listening to us each episode and reading all the content we put on the website.


Hi, I’m Thom! Born in 1982, I was just growing up through the 80’s but have some good memories of the decade, and have immersed myself in all the facets of it since!

My favourite film of the 80’s has to be Rocky IV – the film had everything. Speeches, fights, and several music videos!

Hope you guys enjoy the website and listening to our show.