Col. Jason Grant (Walter Koenig from ‘Star Trek’) and Ray Tanner (Bruce Campbell from ‘Evil Dead’) are on a routine flight in space when they spot a U.F.O. Before you can say “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” they investigate the ship and bring a mummified body back to earth along with a strange American football shaped object. Without spoiling the rest of the movie, let’s just say that things aren’t all that they seem, with Jason and Ray being thrust into battle with alien S.O.B’s.

I think it’s fair to say that ‘Moontrap‘ is bonkers! Tonally I wasn’t sure what type of movie the director was attempting to make. At times it seemed like a comedy, parody, horror movie and science fiction as it blended them all together. There are nods to Star Trek, Star Wars, Robocop, Predator and a whole host of other sci-fi movies.

On the plus side, the computer and practical effects are decent considering the time the movie was made and obvious budget restraints. It’s also great to see Bruce Campbell on the screen in one of his earlier acting roles and not playing Ash from Evil Dead.

Moontrap is good natured but I’d recommend other science fiction movies rather than giving it my seal of approval. Moontrap is a movie for fans of Bruce Campbell who need to own all the films he has acted in.

Incidentally, director Robert Dyke, is working on a sequel to Moontrap called ‘Moontrap: Target Earth’ which is due for release later this year.

The other features on this 88 Films DVD are scene selection, original trailer and trailer reel featuring more 88 Films releases.

Review by Chris from a disc kindly supplied by 88 Films.