I want to preface this review by saying that the copy of The Toxic Avenger 3: The Last Temptation of Toxie is not a review copy, rather something that I bought on release day.

Following on from the Toxic Avenger 2, we find our hero with no crime to fight, all is well in Tromaville. But this isn’t really helping Toxie out, no crime means he has to go and collect a welfare cheque! After a failed job working for the IRS, he winds up unknowingly taking a job for the evil Apocalypse Inc. where he starts to take a darker turn…

You know what you are getting with a Troma film, and that’s why I love them. But ask anyone what their least favourite Toxic Avenger film is and they will probably point towards this one, and you can’t really blame them. Around half the film is leftover footage from the second movie (which wasn’t exactly the greatest Troma movie ever either) and it all just seems a bit half hearted.

In spite of that, I got a lot more out of it on this viewing. Not watching it at the same time as Toxie 2 helped a great deal – a double bill of those films gets sadly tiresome after a while, but on it’s own is a lot better. There are some smart bits of dialogue and some great set pieces. The Devil make up at the end is also superb for the small budget the film was made for.

This isn’t to say there is no such thing as a bad Toxic Avenger sequel though. Citizen Toxie is a superb movie, and my personal favourite out of them all. Toxie 3 though, has it’s moments but is just not that great, and is way too long as well.

Unfortunately for the UK audience, one of the aforementioned set pieces is the victim of apparent confusion over what cut of the film was supplied to 88 Films.

In the UK you can get a DVD from Hollywood DVD of all places that is the Directors Cut, and in the States Troma has released it as a Directors Cut and Unrated Directors Cut. Sadly, 88 Films were apparently sent the original Theatrical version that hacks the opening video store scene to pieces. It’s brutal.

What makes matters worse is that the Lloyd Kaufman audio commentary is for one of the longer versions of the films meaning it’s around 20-30 seconds out of sync with the film! It is a rare thing for 88 Films to take a misstep but surely there should have been some Quality Control work done to check?

People might say “Oh boo hoo, first world problems ” but I, and many others I am sure paid for this release and frankly that sort of screw up isn’t good enough. It’s a real shame.


Audio Commentary by Lloyd Kaufman – I had to stop listening this due to the sync issues. Lloyd Kaufman is always a fascinating guy to listen to, but it was just very hard to follow when he was pointing out someone on screen from 30 seconds ago. For this reason I didn’t listen to the Audio Commentary from Joe Fleishaker.

Where in the World is Toxie? – A 40 minute look at Troma at various film festivals around the world. It’s enjoyable enough, but not something I would revisit. What is strange though is that this has NOTHING to do with The Toxic Avenger 3 as the films taken to these festivals are either Citizen Toxie or Terror Firmer.

Ron Fazio Interview – Ron played Toxie in 2 and 3, and takes a tour of the Troma offices whilst dropping a few bits of trivia.

Rick Collins Interview – Rick played the Devil in Toxie 3 and there are some nice anecdotes about the costume, but it’s just not very long.

Tracy Mann Interview – Three minutes of garbage with Troma bit part player Tracy Mann. Nothing of any interest here.

Joe Fleishaker Interview – Now this could have been an interesting discussion with a guy who has been almost all of the big Troma movies, but instead it’s 2 minutes of fat jokes. Yes I know that is what Troma does, but it’s pretty tiresome in this case.

Anthology Film Archives Screening – Lloyd Kaufman introduces a screening of the first Toxic Avenger film to a pretty empty screen. I would have been there like a shot if I knew it was happening!

Learn to Tromadance – A brief look back at the first Tromadance festival. More of an ad for future ones.

Naked Dance of the Damned Fat – A bizarre short film that includes Joe Fleishaker with his top off. You have been warned…

Troma Treasure Chest – What starts as seemingly a home shopping parody until it becomes apparent this stuff they are selling was probably for sale on their website.

The Stars of Toxie 3 on set of Citizen Toxie – Does what it says on the tin, some cast members from Toxie 3 visit the set and/or shoot roles for Toxie 4.

Stills Gallery

Trailers for all Toxic Avenger films.

88 Films Trailer Reel.

I can’t really recommend the extras. Most of them are the definition of throwaway, and the only one that could have been of any interest is ruined by the sync issues mentioned earlier.

That being said, the picture on this Blu-ray release is good, and really brings out all the mad colours and images that only exist in Tromaville. The sound is fine and clear throughout.

This should have been the ultimate edition of this film for the UK audience, regardless of the movies quality, but it’s sadly not. Checks should have been made on the disc before it was released. I advise anyone who has the US DVD – that is region free by the way – to stick with that for now.

As mentioned at the start of the review, this is not a review disc and was purchased by the reviewer, Thom Downie, 80’s Picturehouse co-host.

Image courtesy of Troma.com