There are a lot of people out there who think that ‘Rambo’ only exists within the 4 movies that were released between 1982 – 2008, and that he is the creation of Sylvester Stallone; much like his beloved Rocky. Those people (especially if they are of a certain age) may also be aware of an animated Rambo series that premiered in the 1980’s.

Surprisingly, I often come into contact with people who have no idea that Rambo first appeared in the 1972 novel ‘First Blood’, written by David Morrell.

In this short e-book (29 pages and 99p on Amazon) David Morrell gives an insight into how the character of Rambo and the First Blood novel came to fruition, and it sure as hell packs in a lot of information considering its limited page count.

You’ll find out how the name ‘Rambo’ was given to the character,  the stories of the real life American soldier he was based on (one of the true stories about this soldier would make the fictional Rambo break into a sweat!), the reasoning behind Teasle’s hatred of Rambo, Morrell’s own fascinating personal journey, why the novel was removed from high school and college reading lists in the 1980’s, and much more.

First Blood is a classic piece of literature and all too often unfairly discarded as ‘pulp’ by people who haven’t even read it and associate it directly with the movie franchise. This e-book is the perfect taster for those who have never read the novel to get a little insight into it’s creation and characters. If your interest isn’t peaked to read the full novel after reading this, then I can only assume that Teasle must be a distant relative of yours and you have an aversion to anything Rambo related.

Review by Dave (co-host of 80’s Picture House)