Past episodes

Are you looking for a certain movie or album that we have talked about? Here you can find details of all the main subjects from each episode.

EpisodeFilm PickMusic PickOddity
1 - This Ain't No HulaHard Ticket To Hawaii (1987)W.A.S.P. - W.A.S.P (1984)1980's Movie Remakes
2 - Voices In My HeadGotcha! (1985)Michael Bolton : Everybody's Crazy (1985)The Rubiks Cube
3 - Experts In Gun-FuOne Down Two To Go (1982)Manowar : Fighting The World (1987)Mullets and Skullets
4 - Leong Live The LegendPhantasm 2 (1988)Billy Squier : Don't Say No (1981)Al Leong
5 - Now Wash Your HandsRunaway (1984)Ramones : Too Tough To Die (1984)80's Movie Videogames
6 - Pull Choke To StartBlue Jean Cop (1988)Fields Of The Nephilim : Dawnrazor (1987)80's 3D Movies
7 - Hot Love Goes ColdMaximum Overdrive (1986)David Essex : Hot Love (1980)Video Nasties
8 - Houston, We Have A ProblemEnter The Ninja (1981)/Revenge Of The Ninja (1983)Depeche Mode : Speak And Spell (1981)VHS
9 - The Mice Will PlayEye Of The Tiger (1986)Tiffany : Tiffany (1987)David Hasselhoff
10 - The Expendables 2 SpecialThe Expendables 2 (2012)N/AN/A
11 - In Conversation With: Tom HodgeN/AN/AN/A
11.5 - The Return Of The ThreeN/AN/AN/A
12 - Back To The PastNo Holds Barred (1989)Keel : The Final Frontier (1986)Danielle Harris
13 - Unlucky For SomeWho Finds A Friend Finds A Treasure (1981)Roxette: Look Sharp! (1988)Rik Mayall
14 - A New BeginningWithout Warning (1980)Iron Maiden: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1988)Automan
15 - Return Of The SpoonClass Of Nuke 'Em High (1986).38 Special: Special Forces (1982)The Equalizer
16 - Plump And TastyNo Retreat No Surrender 2 (1987)The Cure: Pornography (1982)Rodney Ansell
17 - Who Let The Dogg Out?A View To A Kill (1985)Anthrax : Among The Living (1987)CBBC Broom Cupboard
18 - It's Just A NameNightmare City (1980)Marillion: Seasons End (1989)1980's Late Night TV
19 - Candy Covered Root VegetablesTrick Or Treat (1986)David Bowie: Scary Monsters (1980)Halloween
20 - Beware The Polar BearDeathstalker (1983)Beastie Boys: Licenced To Ill (1986)80's Sweets and Snacks
21 - Key To The DoorBuckaroo Banzai (1984)Dire Straits: Making Movies (1980)80's Porn
22 - The Redux EpisodeSt. Elmo's Fire (1985)Soda Stereo: Doble Vida (1988)Mr. T
23 - In Conversation With: Barbie WildeN/AN/AN/A
24 - Biting The Big AppleTimes Square (1980)Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Tender Prey (1988)N/A
25 - Something For The WeekendBroadway Danny Rose (1984)Tobruk: Wild On The Run (1985)N/A
26 - In Conversation With: Tim DryN/AN/AN/A
Hall of Fame
27 - It'll Be Good TooThe Beastmaster (1982)Magnum: Wings Of Heaven (1988)Anne Ramsey
28 - Into The GutterBright Lights, Big City (1988)Terence Trent D'Arby: Introducing The Hardline (1987)Robert Englund
29 - In Conversation With: Lloyd KaufmanN/AN/AN/A
30 - A Letter From AmericaRemo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985)Bon Jovi: 7800° Fahrenheit (1985)Dick Miller
31 - A World Of Blue OrderWarlock (1989)Talk Talk: It's My Life (1983)New Order
32 - Oh Dear, Oh DearCrossroads (1986)Warlock: Triumph And Agony (1987)The Chuckle Brothers
33 - Survival Of The FittestRed Dawn (1984)Billy Ocean: Love Zone (1986)Roddy Piper
34 - Warm Socks And Cold PipelinesVice Squad (1982)Faith No More: The Real Thing (1989)Tom Savini
35 - Sweet Sweet CandyYoungblood (1986)Adam And The Ants: Kings Of The Wild Frontier (1980)Beastie Boys
36 - Looking For A BasherShotgun (1989)Shotgun Soundtrack (1989)Stuart Chapin
37 - In Conversation With: Stuart ChapinN/AN/AN/A
38 - We're Very Good FriendsVigilante (1983)Kevin Bloody Wilson: Your Average Australian Yobbo (1984)Steve James
39 - A Video And A BookBlack Moon Rising (1986)Kick Axe: Welcome To The Club (1985)The Whisky A Go Go
40 - In Conversation With: Cynthia RothrockN/AN/AN/A
41 - Tales Of A BearOf Unknown Origin (1983)Jim Steinman: Bad For Good (1981)Teddy Ruxpin
42 - In Conversation With: Kelli MaroneyN/AN/AN/A
43 - A Long Black CoatNinja Terminator (1985)B.A.Robertson: Initial Success (1980)VHS
44 - In Conversation With: Simon BamfordN/AN/AN/A
45 -Happy Birthday To UsBad Taste (1987)Metallica: Master Of Puppets (1986)Kurt Russell
46 -A Year Ago TodayNever Too Young To Die (1986)Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito: Solitary Men (1983)The Cult
47 -In Conversation With: William MaloneN/AN/AN/A
48 -Strippers, Monks, and Twerking DollsFear City (1984)KISS: Music From 'The Elder' (1981)Barbie and the Rockers
49 -First NightWho Dares Wins (1982)David Hasselhoff: Night Rocker (1985)Prisoner: Cell Block H
50 -In Conversation With: Peter KentN/AN/AN/A
51 -In Conversation With: Vic ArmstrongN/AN/AN/A
52 -Two Big ThingsSuperman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987)Indochine: L'Aventurier (1982)Chuck Norris
53 -In Conversation With: Sybil DanningN/AN/AN/A
54 -Let's Get Ready To RumbleRhinestone (1984)Wrestling Allstars: Piledriver:The Wrestling Album 2 (1987)N/A
55 -In Conversation With: Frank StalloneN/AN/AN/A
56 -In Conversation With: Linnea QuigleyN/AN/AN/A
57 -In Conversation With: Adolfo 'Shabba-Doo' QuinonesN/AN/AN/A
58 -Spam And ChipsCyclone (1987)Thin Lizzy: Thunder And Lightning (1983)N/A
59 -Wild In WalesThe Park Is Mine (1986)Giant: Last Of The Runaways (1989)Glen A Larson
60 -In Conversation With: Barbara CramptonN/AN/AN/A
61 -In Conversation With: Jay & Matt From TigertailzN/AN/AN/A
62 -Back In The Podcast GrooveBuster (1988)Bonfire: Fireworks (1987)N/A
63 -In Conversation With: Jim WynorskiN/AN/AN/A
64 -In Conversation With: Darrell 'Dwarf' MillarN/AN/AN/A
65 -The 80's Pumpkin HouseN/AN/AN/A
66 -I Can Read EyesSamurai Cop (1989)Vain: No Respect (1989)N/A
67 -Fan Commentary-Hard Ticket To HawaiiN/AN/AN/A
68 -Don't Die Little ManTiger Joe (1982)Whitesnake: Come And Get It (1981)N/A
69 -In Conversation With: Jennifer DeloraN/AN/AN/A
70 -Rants 'R' UsBagdad Cafe (1987)Kate Bush: The Sensual World (1989)Rik Mayall
71 -Goodbye 2013Strike Of The Panther (1988)Phil Collins: No Jacket Required (1985)N/A
72 -In Conversation With: Fred Olen RayN/AN/AN/A
73 -No Son Of MineThe Incredible Hulk Returns (1988)ELO: Time (1981)N/A
74 -The Flame Still BurnsThief (1981)Cheap Trick: Next Position Please (1983)N/A
75 -In Conversation With: Toby Jepson.N/AN/AN/A
76 -In Conversation With: Arlene Sidaris.N/AN/AN/A
77 -In Conversation With: Tommy 'Tiny' Lister.N/AN/AN/A
78 -80's Picture House Vs The Same Coin.N/AN/AN/A
79 -RAH RAH RAHRed Heat (1988)Guns N' Roses: Appetite For Destruction (1987)Arnold Schwarzenegger
80 -In Conversation With: Jizzy Pearl.N/AN/AN/A
81 -A Man's Man.Cannibal Holocaust (1980)Pat Benatar: Crimes Of Passion (1980)Tom Atkins
82 -Looking Back At Music Videos.N/AN/AN/A
83 -Fan Commentary - ShotgunN/AN/AN/A
84 -Looking Back At Music Videos (Part 2)N/AN/AN/A
85 -In Conversation With: Dean Gates.N/AN/AN/A
86 -In Conversation With: Fred 'The Hammer' Williamson.N/AN/AN/A
87 -Shaking The Rust.The Perils Of Gwendoline In The Land Of The Yik Yak (1984)Bruce Springsteen: The River (1980)N/A
88 -In Conversation With Sandy King Carpenter.N/AN/AN/A
89 - Fan Commentary - Samurai Cop.N/AN/AN/A
90 - In Conversation With Russell Mulcahy.N/AN/AN/A
91 - Bilston The Robin.1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)Russ Ballard: The Fire Still Burns (1985)Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior
92 - Sitcom Supergroup.Wanted Dead Or Alive (1986)Toto: Isolation (1984)N/A
93 - Full To The Brim.The Last Horror Film (1982)Bad News: Bad News (1987)Bob Hoskins
94 - Looking Back At Hair Metal.N/AN/AN/A
95 - In Conversation With Mark Frazer.N/AN/AN/A
96 - Flicking The Raffle Tickets.Battletruck (1982)Roger Waters: The Pros and Cons Of Hitch Hiking (1984)N/A
97 - In Conversation With Danny Vaughn.N/AN/AN/A
98 - In Conversation With Michael 'Boogaloo Shrimp' Chambers.N/AN/AN/A
99 - Sharing Some Big Love.The Dirty Dozen: The Fatal Mission (1988)Fleetwood Mac: Tango In The Night (1987)Andrew McCarthy
100 - Two Years, One Hundred Shows.Rocky 4 (1985)Journey: Escape (1981)Sylvester Stallone
101 - Fan Commentary - Rocky 4.N/AN/AN/A
102 - Looking Back At 80's Wrestling.N/AN/AN/A
103 - In Conversation With Matt Hannon (Pt 1).N/AN/AN/A
104 - In Conversation With Cheryl Baker.N/AN/AN/A
105 - Face Sitting.Link (1986)Luther Vandross: Never Too Much (1981)N/A
106 - In Conversation With Matt Hannon (Part 2).N/AN/AN/A
107 - In Conversation With Andre Gower.N/AN/AN/A
108 - Sweet Dreams.Nothing Lasts Forever (1984)Dokken: Back For The Attack (1987)N/A
109 - Return Of The Pumpkin House.Near Dark (1987)Tangerine Dream: Near Dark (Soundtrack) (1988)Bill Paxton
110 - We Can Do It In A Minute.Heavy Metal (1981)Hall & Oates: Private Eyes (1981)N/A
111 - Finish With A Flourish.Hot To Trot (1988)Treat: Scratch And Bite (1985)N/A
112 - Coughing And Spluttering Into 2015.Gymkata (1985)Europe: Out Of This World (1988)N/A
113 - In Conversation With John Carpenter.N/AN/AN/A
114 - In Conversation With Lisa London.N/AN/AN/A
115 - 50 Shades Of Dave And Thom.A Better Tomorrow (1986)The J.Geils Band: Freeze Frame (1981)N/A
116 - In Conversation With Melissa Moore.N/AN/AN/A
117 - The Spiffy Squiffy Episode.Psycho Cop (1989)Slayer: Reign in Blood (1986)N/A
118 - In Conversation With Trev and Simon.N/AN/AN/A
119 - People Still Listen To Us?.Enemy Mine (1985)DC Lacroix: Livin' by the Sword (1988)N/A
120 - Get Yourself Some Thom.Blue Velvet (1986)R.E.M: Document (1987)Cannon Films
121 - Hello, Is It Us You're Looking For?.Roadie (1980)Lionel Richie: Can't Slow Down (1983)N/A
122 - Three For A Girl.N/AN/AN/A
123 - In Conversation With Doro Pesch.N/AN/AN/A
124 - Back With A Big One.Lifeforce (1985)Don Johnson: Heartbeat (1986)N/A
125 - Yo Adrian, Dave Did It!Dead Bang (1989)AC/DC: Blow Up Your Video (1988)N/A
126 - Elbows At The Ready.Raw Deal (1986)KISS: Lick It Up (1983)N/A
127 - In Conversation With Mathew Karedas.N/AN/AN/A
128 - In Conversation With Jeff Goodwin.N/AN/AN/A
129 - Ooom Poppa Maw Maw.Young Warriors (1983)The Oak Ridge Boys: Fancy Free (1981)N/A
130 - A Little Taste Of Fizz.N/AN/AN/A
131 - Hollywood Dave; Samurai Cop 2 Special.N/AN/AN/A
132 - The 1st Day Of Crapmas 2015.Naked Campus (1982)N/AN/A
133 - The 2nd Day Of Crapmas 2015.Low Blow (1986)N/AN/A
134 - The 3rd Day Of Crapmas 2015.Thunder Run (1986)N/AN/A
135 - The 4th Day Of Crapmas 2015.Ratman (1988)N/AN/A
136 - The 5th Day Of Crapmas 2015.Stoner (1980)N/AN/A
137 - The 6th Day Of Crapmas 2015.Fair Trade (1988)N/AN/A
138 - The 7th Day Of Crapmas 2015.Empire Of Ash (1988)N/AN/A
139 - The 8th Day Of Crapmas 2015.Nail Gun Massacre (1985)N/AN/A
140 - The 9th Day Of Crapmas 2015.Commando Leopard (1985)N/AN/A
141 - The 10th Day Of Crapmas 2015.Black Cobra (1987)N/AN/A
142 - The 11th Day Of Crapmas 2015.Mausoleum (1983)N/AN/A
143 - The 12th Day Of Crapmas 2015.Exterminator 2 (1984)N/AN/A
144 - We Survived Crapmas.Say Anything (1989)Sammy Hagar: VOA (1984)N/A
145 - Going Down Under.Tuff Turf (1985)Racer X: Street Lethal (1986)N/A
146 - In Conversation With Mathew Karedas.N/AN/AN/A
147 - In Conversation With Gregory Hatanaka.N/AN/AN/A
148 - Swords, Sandals and Synths.Sinbad of the Seven Seas (1989)Modern Talking: Let's Talk About Love (1985)N/A
149 - Thom Does Dallas.Galaxy of Terror (1981)April Wine: The Nature of the Beast (1981)N/A
150 - Podcast...of Gor.Gor (1987)Barren Cross: Rock for the King (1986)N/A
151 - Just Let Your Soul Glo.Coming To America (1988)Misfits: Walk Among Us (1982)N/A
152 - Professional Poo.Avenging Force (1986)Dave Edmunds: D.E. 7th (1982)N/A
153 - Thom On TV: Street Hawk.Street Hawk (1985)N/AN/A
154 - Thom On TV: Twin Peaks.Twin Peaks (1989 -)N/AN/A
155 - Cinema Rants.Little Monsters (1989)Q5: Steel The Light (1984)N/A
156 - Thom On TV: The Fall Guy.The Fall Guy (1981 - 86)N/AN/A
157 - There's A Time And A Place For Animated Dicks.Wicked City (1987)Loudness: Hurricane Eyes (1987)N/A
158 - Thom On TV: Manimal.Manimal (1983)N/AN/A
159 - This One's For Stuart.Tanya's Island (1980)The Blasters: The Blasters (1981)N/A
160 - If We Only Knew.The Wizard (1989)Bryan Adams: Reckless (1984)N/A
161 - Sponge Off.Staying Alive (1983)MSG: Perfect Timing (1987)N/A
162 - Sexy Sounds And Shitty Skype.Turkey Shoot (1982)Venom: Black Metal (1982)N/A
163 - Strike Of The Tease.Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)Fiona: Beyond The Pale (1986)N/A
164 - Swedish Chat and toilet Talk.Blood Tracks (1985)Meat Puppets: Mirage (1987)N/A
165 - Release The Rants.N/AN/AN/A
166 - Thoms Travels And More Toilet Talk.The Demons of LudlowAlien: AlienN/A
167 - Arse Cakes.XanaduAir Supply: Now and ForeverN/A
168 - Linnea Quigley, Minions, Movie and Music.The Dark CrystalScorpions: BlackoutN/A
169 - Thom On TV: Dragon Ball.Dragon BallN/AN/A
170 - You've Been Ramboned.RampageStarship: No ProtectionN/A
171 - We Have To Say.Deadly FriendABBA: The VisitorsN/A