In part 1 of our chat with Matt Hannon, we covered his life before and after Samurai Cop. In part 2 we concentrate on stories from the set of Samurai Cop… with a few extra tidbits thrown in for good measure too.

You’ll hear stories about:

  • The swim trunks
  • The wig
  • The sex scenes… and why no breasts were touched!
  • Working with Amir Shervan and Robert Z’Dar
  • The infamous hospital scene.

All the above is just a little taster of what you’ll hear in this episode.

The kickstarter campaign for Samurai Cop 2 is now live. We have a chat about it in the show, so please click here and pledge what you can towards this project that we’re very passionate about here at 80’s Picture House.

Matt mentions 2 events in America that he’ll be attending that feature Samurai Cop that are running this month: The first is ‘B Movie Bingo‘ on August 16th in Seattle. The second is the ‘Everything Is Festival‘ in Hollywood  on August 28th.

The new Cinema Epoch Blu-ray release of Samurai Cop is scheduled for September 30th…Bingo!

Images ©2014 Matt Hannon

Matts’ Samurai Cop Car.