After a 2 month break from recording, Dave is back and we are together for a long delayed regular format show in which we chat about the movie Tanya’s Island and the self-titled album by The Blasters.

Two days after recording the show, we had the sad news that our dear friend Stuart Chapin had passed away. Longtime listeners will already know how everyone associated with 80’s Picture House loves Stuart and the entire Chapin family, so we thought it very fitting that we dedicate this show to Stuart. He commented many times on how our sense of humour made him laugh and brightened his days, and this episode is full of our usual rude, immature, irreverent and silly chat; a show which we’re sure Stuart would approve of.

We will of course be continuing our annual ‘Stuart Chapin Day’ every June 7th (his Birthday) where we will be celebrating his life and also raising money for cancer research.

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode, which includes a tribute to Stuart from us at the beginning and the big guy himself popping into the show at various times via sound clips from Shotgun and when we chatted with him. We’ve eschewed our usual theme music and soundbites throughout the entire show and replaced them with…well, have a listen and find out.

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Stuart prepared his own obituary and we encourage you all to embrace and act on the final paragraph of it: “In lieu of flowers, do something delightful. Improve the world by accomplishing the most daunting item on YOUR bucket list. Do it now. Add your light to the sum of light”.

R.I.P. Stuart, we’ll be keeping the ‘bashers’ and ‘kinko’s’ at bay in your absence (2 references that should have Shotgun fans worldwide shouting “JOOOOOONES!”)